The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is a vibrant and creative environmental charity based in Nova Scotia. We strive to promote a caring and inclusive organizational culture that emphasizes integrity, collaboration, quality work and real impact. 

The EAC is committed to employment equity, diversity and inclusion. We encourage individuals to self-identify if they are a member of an underrepresented community. Diversity is a stated value of the EAC. Moreover, diversity in the EAC community is a strength that we seek to cultivate. It is the responsibility of every employee of EAC to foster a culture that embraces and promotes diversity.  

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Check out our current job openings below! 

We are looking to hire a building efficiency intern to help support EAC’s work on building efficiency issues. This will include supporting property managers, housing managers and church boards working to retrofit for energy efficiency and cost savings by helping them navigate through various potential funding sources and service providers.

Deadline: | Team: Energy & Climate

We are looking for 4-6 door to door canvassers to join our team for a six-month term. The canvassers will be travelling to different communities within Nova Scotia, going house to house inspiring people to become a monthly donor in order to grow our memberships. We will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis throughout the spring and summer of 2023.

Deadline: | Team: Canvassing

We are looking for 1-3 new board members. We want all kinds of experience, and we appreciate that everyone brings something unique to the table. Board members keep the institutional lights on at the EAC and help shape the direction of the organization.

Deadline: Team: