Drone footage of Port Joli, Nova Scotia with sandy beaches along the ocean with lakes and wetlands.

About the Coastal & Water Team

The Ecology Action Centre's Coastal & Water Team advocates for new and updated coastal regulations and policy. We promote a systems view of watersheds to fill legislative gaps, clarify jurisdictions, protect coastal environments from upstream activities and encourage nature-based solutions to coastal erosion and sea-level rise.

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Projects & Programs

  • Find resources and information on how we can help protect our homes and coastal communities from the impacts of rising sea levels.
  • Nova Scotia is facing the highest sea-level rise predictions in Canada. Learn about the act designed to protect the coast and communities from the impacts of climate change.
  • Water lot infilling projects are harmful to the environment, navigation and marine habitats. Learn how we're helping fight them here in Nova Scotia.
  • Wetlands provide habitat for many species and protect against drought, flooding and storms. Learn what we're doing to protect these crucial natural features.
  • Learn about some of the Coastal and Water Team's past projects and initiatives!

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