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Ecology & Action (E&A) magazine is our membership magazine that is available twice a year in both print and online. Articles are written and edited by volunteers and Ecology Action Centre staff.

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Latest Issue: Fall 2023

Check out the articles featured in the most recent issue of E&A below, or click here to read the whole thing! PDFs of some of our past editions are also available by clicking on their cover images at the bottom of this page.

the cover of the fall 2023 issue of Ecology & Action magazine

Queer Climate Justice 

The queer liberation and climate justice movements are often highly isolated, fighting for what they believe to be separate causes. But the movements could benefit from closer collaboration. Learn how in this article. 

To Think of a Nation Is to Think of Its Land: Ecocide in Ukraine

Global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change are undermined by Russian aggression. Read how destruction of the Ukrainian environment is intertwined with these impacts – and cultural destruction. Here’s the article. 

Disability and Climate Chaos

In discussions about climate change impacts, the needs of people with disabilities are often forgotten. The late Jen Powley shares her experience as a person with a disability facing rising temperatures and other changes. Read the article here. 

Nova Scotia Seniors Left in the Cold

Governments are working together to provide funding for households transitioning to energy efficient alternatives to fossil fuels. However, low-income seniors renting their dwellings can’t access these energy savings. Learn more in this article. 

Etujk Samqwan: For the Water

Read about how Indigenous matriarchs are standing for the lifeblood (samqwan – water) of our lands, setting the example for love, gratitude, and honouring of the water for future generations. Here’s the article. 

Lurking Beneath the Surface: Unveiling Canada’s Environmental Racism

Canada has targeted marginalized and BIPOC communities with harmful environmental practices supported by unfair policies and environmental regulations. New legislation could help to change this. Learn more in this article. 

Worst Possible Air Quality, Worst Wildfire Season on Record

After the worst wildfire season Canada has ever seen, this article explores how poor air quality affects people in different ways, how forest fires affect mental health and how evacuations and insurance play out in remote communities. Read it here. 

Decolonizing Climate Justice

People who historically benefitted from colonialism are more likely to be better equipped to deal with climate change. That means strategies grounded in equity are crucial in our fight for a better future. Read the article here. 

Through Fires and Floods: How Housing Solutions are Climate Solutions

Nova Scotia has low vacancy rates, few affordable options and rising energy costs. In the face of extreme weather, investment in affordable and efficient housing will help us build resilient communities. Learn more in this article. 

Diasporic Communities, Indigenous Sovereignty and Allyship

Members of the South Asian diaspora have an embodied knowledge of colonialism that overlaps in some ways with Indigenous experiences of colonization. How can diasporic communities use this to aid in reconciliation? Find out in this article.

Energy Charter Treaty Stifles Climate Action

Governments are cancelling fossil fuel projects. Investors want working taxpayers to pay up. Learn how colonial-era courts are impeding climate justice in this article. 

In India, Women’s Seed Conservation Practices Are Making Them Climate Resilient

For generations, women in India’s agrarian communities have saved heirloom seeds as a de facto form of biodiversity conservation. In an age of climate uncertainty, this practice is being revived. Read the article here.

Remembering Alan Ruffman

Alan Ruffman died on Dec. 28, 2022. From engaging in local land-use planning issues, to taking part in public consultations and formal hearings on energy projects and sewage management, Alan’s contributions are remembered here.

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