Making Tracks

Making Tracks helps children and youth develop active transportation skill competency, confidence, and safety, encouraging them to choose active transportation to travel within their communities.

Approved by the Department of Education, the modular and flexible workshops are perfect for after-school programs, clubs, recreation, and the classroom! Our ready-to-go lesson plans focus on experiential learning and practice, building up skills in cycling safety, rules of the road, technical skills, equipment maintenance and community route planning. Participants will leave with the skills to travel safely within their community. Educators across the province have chosen to integrate youth workshops into their classes. Since 2008, more than 19,000 students in Nova Scotia have learned safe cycling and pedestrian skills with Making Tracks. 

Making Tracks Pedestrian Safety

Making Tracks Pedestrian Safety

Making tracks offers a comprehensive pedestrian safety manual made up of small, manageable online modules. There are two versions of the manual: the first delivers a straightforward teaching approach for parents and caregivers, while the second offers a more curriculum-based model for educators. Both manuals include lesson plans, learning objectives, and Pedestrian Safety Passports to track progress.

Using a range of activities allows participants to experience the lessons and develop their skills in real time. Participants learn by “doing” and by using new skills in a real neighbourhood setting – their own schools and communities. As such, the majority of the participants’ learning experiences occur outside, familiarizing themselves with their community to be active and safer pedestrians. Learn to lead participants safely through the activities contained within each educational session, and guide them towards personal growth, increased use of active transportation, and safety awareness.

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Making Tracks Leadership Training

Making Tracks Leadership Training

Making Tracks is an all-ages program which aims to get more people walking, rolling and cycling through community-based mentorship. People of all experience levels can come to the program and leave with the confidence needed to safely navigate roadways, while more experienced participants will learn how to share their skills with others as Making Tracks Leaders.

  • Becoming a Making Tracks Leader (MTL) is free!
  • Training is approximately five hours (one hour online, four hours in-person)
  • Leadership training is open to adults, and individuals ages 13+

If you are interested in sharing your cycling skills with others, this program will give you the confidence and skills to lead your own Making Tracks sessions for children and youth. Volunteers and staff from schools, community organizations, recreation centres, camps, universities, and colleges have chosen to become leaders in Making Tracks. Participants will leave the training as a certified Making Tracks Leader, capable of delivering the program to groups of children and youth. We provide Leaders in Making Tracks with continued support to ensure that your first Making Tracks program is a success.

What does Making Tracks Leader training involve?

Participants complete an online training module (approximately one hour) covering basic road safety knowledge and select an activity or two from the Making Tracks Safe Cycling Handbook to facilitate during their in-person session. The in-person session is a friendly learning environment to practice facilitating and hone leadership skills, increase basic maintenance, and build riding confidence. 

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