The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss demand both immediate and thoughtful action. We must urgently transition away from fossil fuels – the main driver of climate change – but we must do so in a manner that avoids perpetuating the harms caused by current energy production practices.

Energy poverty and climate change represent a direct threat to working-class people in Nova Scotia. As a society, we must work together to ensure households with low incomes can transition away from expensive fossil fuels to technologies like heat pumps that are cheaper, better for our health and afford us the comforts associated with heating and cooling.  

Today, the Province of Nova Scotia announced plans to take full control of planning and development in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). By announcing unprecedented changes to the Halifax Charter and the Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act – the same legislation that created the Executive Panel on Housing – the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, John Lohr, now has absolute power and discretion over all planning and development in Halifax.  

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