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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your membership with the Ecology Action Centre (EAC)? Browse our frequently asked questions below or check out our Membership Welcome Package!

Changed your address or need to update your contact information? Call (902) 429-2202 ext. 106 or update your information online here

For all other membership inquiries, please contact our friendly Membership team by phone at (902) 429-2202 ext. 106 or email at

How do I make changes to my Sustaining Membership?

Please contact our Membership Team at or give us a call at (902) 429-2202 ext. 106. At any time, you can adjust the amount of your monthly contributions or place your contributions on hold, making Sustaining Membership your most flexible option. 

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How do I renew my Annual Membership?

Renewing your EAC membership is easy! You should receive reminder emails with a link to renew, or you can contact our Membership Relations Officer at (902) 429-2202 ext. 106 to renew by phone. You can renew your Annual Membership online or you can choose to renew as a Sustaining Monthly Member.

Why does it matter if I join the Ecology Action Centre or not?

With a healthy and robust membership, the Ecology Action Centre can proudly state that we represent a large portion of Nova Scotia’s population. This representation in turn gives us greater influence. It lets decision-makers know that the public at large is aware and concerned about environmental issues facing the province. Your voice matters, please let us share it! 

Besides that, once you become a member your neighbours and friends are more likely to get involved.  Supporting environmental change can be easy once they see so many others are already taking part!

What does my membership fee pay for?

Your contribution is a source of core funding for a wide variety of worthwhile environmental causes and projects. Essentially, membership fees are an independent source of funding which allows the Ecology Action Centre to continue its efforts for the benefit of everyone in the province.

What do I have to do as a member?

While volunteering your time with the EAC is certainly appreciated, it is by no means required. In fact, most of our members support our efforts in other ways like attending special events and expressing public support for many of our campaigns. Just being a member of the EAC makes our voice stronger. The more members we have, the more influence we have, and thus the greater our ability to make a difference in Nova Scotia.

What do I get with my membership?

The Ecology Action Centre is a registered non-profit society with charitable status. When you become a member of EAC, you will receive a tax receipt. You will also receive a subscription to our Ecology & Action magazine. The magazine is a great resource for environmental information in Nova Scotia, school projects or just general interest.

I don’t have time to volunteer, how can I support the EAC otherwise?

You are not alone; many of our members simply do not have the time to dedicate themselves on a regular basis due to a variety of reasons. If this is the case, you can support our work simply by becoming a member. There is strength in numbers; and our members help strengthen our voice. You can support by becoming a member today!

I can’t afford a membership right now, but I would like to get involved, what should I do?

We encourage everyone to become a member. We have some of the lowest membership fees among NGOs in the province starting at $5 per month! If you cannot afford membership, the EAC will still welcome you with open arms. There is lots of work to be done! Check out our volunteer opportunities to select a committee or project, or to come volunteer in our office! 

How are charitable tax receipts sent?

We send our tax receipts by email from and can send it by postal mail if requested. For Sustaining Monthly Memberships, we send out a cumulative tax receipt for each year in January and February. Please note, we can only issue tax receipts for amounts of $15 and greater.

How can I support the EAC as an American taxpayer?

Thanks to a partnership with American Friends of Canadian Conservation, U.S. taxpayers can make a tax-deductible contribution of cash or securities to the EAC. Learn more about how you can give or donate online at American Friends' secure site.

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